Hey there! I’m Erin.

Yellow makes me happy, audiobooks are my jam, and though I’m always up for adventure, I usually need a sidekick to make it happen. 

I throw windows open on sunny days, chair dance with my kids in the car and sing my favorite show tunes at the top of my lungs (ahem, Hamilton).

When I’m not behind the camera or computer, you can find me hanging out with my husband and our three kids—most likely cleaning up after someone, but I’ve been at this long enough to know that’s just life. ;) 

Meet erin

erin at a glance

I just want to

travel to all the places

(Is that too much to ask??)


(...so it's bad luck that in Southern New Mexico, we only get days of each!)

I'm crazy about spring
and fall


pink sunsets

set my soul on fire


Rustin and I have been married for almost 17 years!


He's the Ross to my Rachel,
the Jim to my Pam, and
the Luke to my Loralai. :)

Favorite thing to do with our kids:

Day trips to somewhere new


In my dreams, I am a master gardener.

In reality, I can't keep a cactus alive.


I tried once, but

I can't live without ice cream


Hands down, 

Tacos are the best


I love my


{almost} as much as
I love my kids


bucket list





1. Hamilton 
2. Pentatonix
3. The Greatest Showman
4. Imagine Dragons
5. Piano Guys

1. Gilmore Girls
2. Friends
3. Hitch
4. The Office
5. Oscar

1. White Water Rafting
2. Indoor Skydiving
3. Skiing 
4. Tour Europe
5. Take my kids Kayaking

1. A Man Called Ove
2. What Alice Forgot
3. The Hunger Games (All)
4. HP & The Half-Blood Prince
5. The Light Between Oceans

1. NYC (dying to go back!)
2. Paris
3. Banff
4. Australia
5. The Cliffs of Moher

1. Corn on the Cob
2. Anything Avocado
3. Mahi Mahi Tacos
4. Blue Bell Ice Cream
5.Cherry Limeade


I have a WIDE range of tastes and interests--so picking a favorite anything is nearly impossible! I do better with lists, so here's what I'm currently into. 

There are a lot of things I love about what I do— I love golden hour, I love creating beautiful backlit pictures, I love honing my craft, and I get super excited when I find a pose that really works well for a couple and they look and feel amazing, or giving a prompt that elicits genuine emotion…and I love the challenge that photography and business bring into my life.

But can I tell you why I'm really here?

I see photography as a vehicle to meet,
 care about and serve other people.

When you book with me, you’re getting more than pretty pictures (although, there will be plenty of those!).

I’m this unique blend of creative and analytical, and I marry those two skill sets to help my clients make more sense of what they’re experiencing and bring peace into their lives as they plan their big day. 

what I do and why I do it

Photography by erin richins
 kind people are my kinda people